24 Weirdest Dating Sites

The fee strictly covers the gene kit, but it's not guaranteed that matches will be interested or that users will meet their matches in any form. Source Photo 4 A site that matches couples based on their salad preferences If you've ever been on a date with a potential partner and found yourself 24 weirdest dating sites losing interest after witnessing them order ranch over balsamic vinaigrette, you might be a candidate for Salad Match. Everyone dreams of the day when they're able to deeply gaze into their lover's eyes while sharing a Nicoise salad.

If you're interested in pursuing your "salad soulmate," the site conveniently comes with a downloadable app to assist you in your journey. There's no doubt that it'd definitely make for an interesting story when your future children ask about how 24 weirdest dating sites and dad met. But the method may be flawed. Surely everyone has at least one person that shares the same food preferences, yet they absolutely despise them, regardless — what then?

You know what, maybe we're just reading way too much into this. Source Photo 5 Diaper lovers can now find love — and trendy diapers — online The sexual attraction of diapers, or suitors that wear them, isn't a widely popular fetish. This mostly 24 weirdest dating sites played a part in the evolution of Diaper Mates. The website features photo galleries, videos and even shares links on affordable, yet trendy, adult diapers.

Source Photo 6 Amish Photo Source Dating code tinder religious dating sites like Christian Mingle on the market, it was only a matter of time before other sects started to branch out. Traditionally, it's been noted that the Amish don't use technology, or even electricity. Believe it or not, there are actually a few chapters where it's absolutely acceptable to do so. Source 7 And then there's Dead Meet. Understandably, the witty name could easily throw someone off at first glance, so we'll go ahead and clear things up.

It's actually more along the lines of providing a community for the person who's career involves the deceased in some form. If you're in the field of forensic pathology or even a mortician that's trying to meet that special someone, this is definitely the site to visit. GlutenfreeSingles If your gluten allergy has taken over your entire life, these are the only people who will understand your pain. Match with someone 24 weirdest dating sites avoids gluten just as hard as you do.

Farmers Only The name of the site is pretty clear. Clown Dating Some people will be a little upset that this site exists because of their intense fear of clowns, but they need some love, too! I Would Bang You Straightforward. No bells and whistles. Golfers link up and see if they can find a hole in one. Can Do Better This brutal website shows you pictures of a couple and the users have to determine which one of them can do better.

Mullet Passions Still rocking a mullet? This site will set you up with someone who is just as passionate about mullets as you are. A 24 weirdest dating sites and networking site for death industry professionals Dead Meet is for people who work in the death industry, in other words anyone from gravediggers to medical historians, anatomists and crematoriums techs. Have an affair Ashley Madison apparently the world's leading married dating service for 'discreet' encounters Why not have an affair today on Canadian-based Ashley Madison?

With 'thousands' of cheating wives and husbands signing up everyday the site is hugely controversial, but continues to best doctors dating site at an alarming rate. If you want to live dangerously, that's your business, just don't forget to clear your internet history! Everybody loves a clown The company also runs Blonde Singles and Date a Granny If you're scared of clowns, look away now.

Clown Dating was built with one aim: After all, being on the road all the time can make it hard for the oversize-shoed funny men and women to find that special someone. Just don't suggest a trip to the circus! Singles with food allergies Slogan:

The 24 Weirdest Dating Sites That People Actually Use

21 Bizarre Dating Sites You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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