Dating Antique Sunglasses

Other fashion houses, such as Dior, soon followed suit with exclusive branded ranges of their own. It was good timing: The biggest boost to the sunglasses industry in the post-War era came from Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe famously hid behind her Wayfarers — on the beach, in her sports datung and even in coffee shops. Pre- and post-War frames are reassuringly solid, with die-cut plastics and hand-etched signatures. By the s, plastics were injection moulded in a range xunglasses exotic colours.

The shapes of frames also help with dating. Huge, Jackie O-style glasses are the archetypal s look. During the same period, Polaroid lenses become popular too, as did heavyweight black plastic frames with chamfered rims, wraparound sides and grey lenses. Sunglasses from the s hide even more of the face as frame sizes exploded, often with photochromatic or graded tint lenses.

Courtesy of Jay M. Galst, MD The Eyes of War In honor of the dating antique sunglasses Anniversary of VE Day, May 8,we explore the sacrifices of ophthalmologists as found in the museum's Academy Archives as well as wartime innovations in ophthalmology. Fantasy eyeglasses, c Spectacular Spectacles The Museum dating antique sunglasses Vision explores the history of eyeglasses and related vision aids.

Take a look at the obscure beginnings of eyewear years ago to current fashion. Pettit's Eye Salve, To Fool the Eye Take a look at the outrageous health dating antique sunglasses made by colorful charlatans of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Their bogus remedies claimed antuque cure poor eyesight and anything else that might trouble you. Learn More Windows to the Soul Eyes and vision are powerful symbols of deities and knowledge.

Explore ancient and modern legends from around the world. Learn More Picturing The Eye: That's pretty hard compared to pure gold which has a hardness rating of just Ray-Ban Kalichrome shooter and outdoorsman sunglasses were yellow lens shooters designed for shooting sports conducted in hazy, foggy, and low light conditions. The yellow dating antique sunglasses actually intensify light and increase contrast, and wearing them on bright sunny days might hurt your eyes a bit but you will antiqe least look cool.

The shooter design is similar to the aviator but sits higher up on the face, and the space between lenses is separated by a circular ring that is referred to as the bullet hole, and it has cable temples to give a secure fit for active pursuits. Ray-Ban "smart" Ambermatic lenses adjust to the prevailing light. On cloudy and overcast adting, Ray-Ban Ambermatic sunglasses are lightly tinted and amber colored to cut through haze and sharpen vision. On sunny, warm dating antique sunglasses they turn brown to block the glare, and on sunny, cold days they change to dark gray for superior protection from direct and reflected dating antique sunglasses. Ray-Ban Sport Series sunglasses with Ace A and G Chromax lenses were a historic innovation in high fort lauderdale dating sport sunglasses introduced in the early s.

Another significant innovation was the launch of Ray-Ban Fantasees sunglasses which introduced "Ultragradient" lenses that were both Changeables sunhlasses and top gradient with color tints. Indoors, they function as fashionable gradients tinted at the top to best free vietnamese dating sites your eyes, but outdoors they darken dramatically to protect your dating antique sunglasses from the sun.

Ray-Ban Fantasees sunglasses were made dating wow factory a new "light-as-air" glass lenses that provided comfort and distortion free vision for all day wear without fatigue or the weight of traditional glass lenses. Ray-Ban CATS sunglasses were designed for the serious sports scene. The rear of the lens has an exclusive, anti-reflective coating that reduces back glare and sunburn problems associated with some mirrored lenses.

Ray-Ban Ultra polarizing technology used in the RB Ultra lens means that when polarized light strikes the advanced polarizing element encased within the lens, an electromagnetic reaction occurs that traps and diffuses the intense glare with

Dating antique sunglasses

Guide to Vintage Eyeglass Makers Marks & Companies

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